With globalisation, our world is experiencing significant economic, technical and cultural change. Companies operate on a global basis, marketing their goods and services worldwide, and this is only possible if their offering is tailored to local market conditions. To be successful in the global marketplace, a company must be able to speak to their customers in their own language.


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With our network of self-employed freelance translators, our goal is to offer more than the large translation agencies by undertaking translation projects of various sizes, in various language combinations and specialist fields. We can also adapt texts to the target language at your request.

Send us your ideas and together we will find a solution that meets your needs.

We use computer-aided tools in the translation process, making it more efficient, faster, and more cost-effective, and which ensures better quality end results. With translation memories, we can reuse previous translations with machine-readable source texts to translate new, similar texts.

Send us your documents in any file format and we will draw up and send you a non-binding estimate.

Gwendolyn de Vries Qualified Translator, M.A.

Member of Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators) www.bdue.de

Experience working as a project manager, translator and marketing assistant in various translation companies in Bonn, Cologne and Berlin and in a translation department in Malmedy, Belgium

Master of Arts in technical translation, Institute for Translation and Multilingual Communication, Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Qualified in technical translation specialising in economics, Language Faculty of Cologne University of Applied Sciences

You can download my general terms and conditions in a pdf file.

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